Family Law

Family Law

Lawyer of European and International
Family Law

The Firm specialises in those aspects of International Law and European Union Law that pertain to mixed unions, to individual rights, to family relations characterised by elements of internationality, and to children’s rights. The Firm’s thirty-year experience has been developed through longstanding and fruitful collaborations with law firms all over the world.
Areas of practice include:

  • Separations and divorces with elements of internationality deriving, e.g. from different citizenship, place of family life, etc.): jurisdiction, applicable law 

  • Maintenance claims: determination and recovery

  • Property regimes

  • Change of matrimonial regime and choice of applicable law to the financial consequences of marriage

  • Assistance in prenuptial agreements in the countries where such agreement are admissable

  • International property management

  • Determination of jurisdiction and applicable law regarding parental responsibility and contribution to the maintenance of the child

  • International child abduction

  • Relocation” procedure – international transfer of residence

  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements

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