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Manuela Tirini

Following a classical education at high school, I graduated with full marks from the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna in 1992.

I established my law firm thirty years ago. I am a Supreme Court Lawyer and am qualified to practice before the Higher Courts.

I specialise in Italian, European and International Family Law, advising on the full spectrum of this complex and sensitive branch of Private Law, including Juvenile Law.

I am a founding partner, member and consultant of numerous Italian and international associations of Family Law and Parent and Child Protection.

I am passionate about International and European Law. I entered this complex area of practice a long time ago, starting with cases of international child abduction and then broadening my expertise to include the full spectrum European and International Family Law, matrimonial property regimes and consequences of registered partnerships, of mixed marriages (and mixed unions), separation agreements, divorce, marriage annulment, applicable jurisdiction, applicable law, property regime, maintenance of obligations and claims, international child abduction (both active and passive cases).

With my proven success record and fluency in English and French, I have developed a large network of professionals all over the world, with whom I collaborate regularly in the spirit of complete mutual trust.


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Professional experience

  • SINCE 2007
    Registration in the Special Register of Lawyers Practising in Supreme Court and Higher Courts.
  • SINCE 1994
    Lawyer registered with the Bar Association of Bologna.

    My thirty-year experience in Family Law covers the areas of personal separation, divorce, termination of non-marital cohabitation, custody of children born inside a non-married couple, recognition of natural children and all the problems regarding judicial and extrajudicial activities that revolve around the family as the central nucleus in our society. In the field of Juvenile Law I deal with cases of national and international adoption, alternative foster care, suspensive or ablative proceedings of parental responsibility, and similar proceedings. My expertise in European and International Family Law addresses in particular in matrimonial property regimes and consequences of registered partnerships, legal separations, divorce, mariage annulment, matrimonial property, applicable jurisdiction, applicable law in matrimonial matters, maintenance of obligation and claims, international child adoption (both active and passive case).

    I have brought numerous cases before the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

Sharing Expertise

I regularly participate in conferences and training courses for professionals, serving as a lecturer, speaker and expert in the fields of European and international Family Law, international child abduction and protection of children’s rights.


I have published numerous articles on national, European and international Family Law in law journals and contributed monographic sections to law manuals and essays.


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